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Jan 15

Moments of Voice for Malala
Malala Yousufzai, a fifteen year old Pakistani blogger, has been using her voice ...

Nov 27

Information and Communication Technology
A new article in The Guardian explores how information and communication technology can be used to empower girls worldwide. ...

Oct 2

Half the Sky
AUDACIA participants will be interested to see this new piece of work from Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn ...

Aug 17

10.11.12 International Day of the Girl
Thanks to the tireless efforts of AUDACIA participant Plan International, and its partners, the United Nations has declared October 11, 2012 to be the first-ever International Day of the Girl. ...

August 3

DFID Girls’ Education Challenge
DFID, the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, is sponsoring a Girls’ Education Challenge. ...

Emma Willard Student Volunteer Looks Over the Rainbow

As we approach Thanksgiving here in the States, we take a moment to reflect on the things for which we here at AUDACIA are thankful. At the top of the list are all of you - the folks who stand up every day and say, what can I do? How I can effect change? Dr. Abigail E. Disney inspired us all when she said "I think we should dream very, very big. I don't care if it sounds impossible. I will put my shoulder to the stone and push with everyone else." Read below how all of you inspired an Emma Willard sophmore to see that somewhere over the rainbow, dreams really do come true. 

"The first time I walked into the Credit Suisse building, Somewhere Over the Rainbow was playing on the overhead music system. From that moment on, it continued to play on repeat for the next two days. By the end of the trip, I knew all the lyrics to the song. At the time, I thought it was the most annoying thing, having to listen to the song over and over again, but as I left New York and began to reflect back on my experiences at the forum, I realized that the song was a perfect summary for everything I had learned. Somewhere over the rainbow, the dream of every girl everywhere receiving a quality education becomes a reality. From the forum, I learned that AUDACIA has the potential to be the vehicle to transport everyone to that world, where freedom and education are essential parts of every girl’s life. I learned that there are two hundred plus hard-working and dedicated women already in that world, and what they need most now is the chance to demonstrate their ingenuity and ideas to others so that the movement will spread. There is work to be done, but it is worth it because we have the chance to give millions of other girls what we often take for granted- the ability to acquire knowledge through quality education and use it to become successful in the world. From this forum, I have learned that such a seemingly impossible goal is now within our reach if we are only able to move past the storm and look somewhere over the rainbow to see the land where dreams really do come true."

-Grace, '14